Msico Cristbal Morales. Crdoba

Andalusian center for Accesibility

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Project Description


The block in which future CAAAP is going to be inserted is unique because of its ambitious urban approach. Right at the heart of a dense residential area, this block holds a group of institutional buildings which, by means of a network of pedestrian interior streets, is intended to become the communal nucleus of the area. The future Andalusian Centre for Personal Accessibility and Autonomy will occupy one of the quadrants of the block. Starting from a reduced program of uses, the project attempts to take advantage of the singular character of the site.


The building recedes from the main street, leaving a landscaped garden in front that becomes the very vestibule of the whole for the visitor coming from such a busy avenue. The program stretches along a single story building, with the bigger and more public activities at the façade that looks into that garden.


The project recognizes the importance of pedestrian streets on both sides of the plot and gives the building a linear layout, wrapping it with a continuous ceramic envelope that makes the long sides almost opaque and the short ones transparent. One of these transparent façades opens to the main pedestrian street. Linearity of the building allows for the creation of an interior passageway, intended to be both the main hall and the extension of the public space outside.

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