Hurcal-Overa. Almera

Courts of Justice

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Project Description


We chose the motto “Double Street” for the project in order to give a name to its main urban move. This was to separate the building from the adjacent party wall so as to create a quiet gardened passageway between the main avenue and the plaza located at the other side of the plot. All the public circulations of the building run along the façade that looks into this passageway, which could be used as an extension of the public interior space or as an exterior vestibule. Two streets, inside and outside, reflect into one another. 


Overall structure should be compact. Only this premise was imperative at the first stages of design. In a climate like Huercal Overa’s and in such a scattered urban environment, it seems to be suitable to start from a scheme as dense as possible. An optimized form factor has advantages in energy saving and allows for an imposing institutional urban appearance, something particularly interesting in such a heterogeneous environment.


A small access porch-like pavilion attaches to the main prism and shapes the transition between the avenue and the aforementioned “double street”.