Isla de la Cartuja.

Business center

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Project Description


Our proposal for the new Emasesa I+D Work Center uses, at a small scale, environmental devices of Mediterranean cities. Instead of extensive neutral work areas packed in a glass envelope we propose an inward-looking building whose relationship with the outside uses intermediary gardened courtyards. These ones are also climatic regulators, that capture the sun in winter and provide cool air in summer when they are covered with canvases and sprayed with water. By means of these courtyard, arranged in a regular sequence, al the workstations can have natural uniform controlled ventilation and lighting. 


Every floor is arranged along a central corridor that overlooks the aforementioned courtyards and works a space for rest or casual meetings. The envelope’s winding shape refers somehow to water, the reason d’être of this Company. It is wrapped completely with a solar-protection continuous lattice which is denser at the West.