San Jos de la Rinconada. Sevilla

180 Social housing

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Project Description


Throughout our experience as social housing designers we have try to propose a new kind of spatial sequences that somehow re-create traditional in-between communal spaces, where public and private life met: patios, corridors, hallways, etc. Here in Andalusia the so-called corrales are particularly recalled. They were genuine private streets, where public and private blurred.


Within the confines of the brief, the design attempted to manipulate the contrast between a simple exterior and a fragmented interior, where the variety of traditional city public spaces is translated into circulation and in-between communal areas.  Two types of patios are designed. One is bigger, located by the intersections of main corridors and can be used as a communal hall. The other type is a smaller one, located in every cluster of two symmetrical apartments. It lights and ventilates sequentially both the dwellings and the corridors.