Las Cabezas de San Juan. Sevilla

Primary School

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Project Description


Our nation’s recent and sudden public budget limitations have led the Regional Government to build only a first phase that contains the area intended for the smallest children. The project general layout comprises three perpendicular wings than meet in a central atrium and this scheme makes the required fragmentation easy. Small children area was located at the south-east wing, the one that has been built in this first phase.


Financial troubles have not allowed to develop the surrounding urban area either, which is located at the periphery of Las Cabezas. As a result, the built structure appears as a compact solitary piece, which sails with no urban references among the cultivated hillocks that border on the village. In such an unprotected location, the building takes advantage of an inside-looking design, in which even the outdoor classes (patios) for the small children are confined by walls that are only lightly perforated. Both landscape and sunlight are filtered by these lattices, made of concrete posts. They enclose all semi-exterior spaces (circulation at the north-west façade and outdoor classrooms at the south-east one) and give a uniform abstract image to this prism laying on the landscape. Even exterior doors are built as movable portions of the lattice. The choice of a yellowish tone for the finishing has more to do with the natural surroundings than with the urban setting.