Los Corrales.Sevilla

18 self-built houses

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Project Description


The Self-Building Program, promoted by the Regional Government of Andalucía, intended to integrate the skills of the future users of social houses into the building process. It was necessary then to extreme the simplicity of the architectonical proposal. For instance, the use of loading walls instead of a concrete frame made easier for the self-builders to participate.


Each house is fragmented into two prisms, shifted one in relation to the other so that the plane of façade is broken, reinforcing the individuality of each dwelling and creating in-between spaces both towards the street and in the back yard.


The wide prism of each house shows the actual façade of the house and contains the major rooms of the house. It can also be extended behind if necessary. The narrow prism includes the kitchen, the bathroom and an additional room that can be used as a small bedroom or a study. It is recessed both to the street, creating a small entry porch, and to the back yard, providing a veranda for the kitchen and the living room.


The window at the corner of every house façade is a subtle reference to the traditional cierros: a kind of vertical protruding window at the level of the street that still proliferate all over the villages nearby.