Polgono Aeropuerto. Sevilla

204 social apartments

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Project Description


Sometimes Urban Plans are too strict and let little space for designing the layout of the volumes of a development. And when you are constrained to respect exterior rules you are committed to invention in typology.


To solve a compulsory 15 meters building depth we proposed a system of long central inner streets for circulation that take advantage of a series of small courtyards for lighting and natural ventilation. Endless streets for causal encounters and interaction inside the building. Several graffiti artist have collaborated in turning these streets in a sort of “art galleries” by decorating the walls of the courtyards beside the corridors. The subject of these painting has been the recreation of the seasons of the years, the light and the gravity in a way than can be enjoyed also by children.


The type of dwelling (narrow and with all its rooms open to outside) is flexible and easily adapts to the imposed geometry. The living room of each home is extended by an enclosed metal and glass balcony that indirectly refers to the traditional “cierros” o the historical centre of Seville.