Conil de la Frontera. Cdiz

44 social apartments

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Project Description


Instead of a single block to house the 44 dwellings we fragmented the whole into four cubic pieces with which it was possible to generate a series of in-between spaces in order to graduate the sequence form public to private. In the same way traditional Conil’s corrales did, the walled gardened courtyards between the buildings are semi-public areas, than can be used as outer meeting vestibules for the neighbors.


Breaking the whole into four cubes is a natural way to meet the block with topography. The development is located right by the urban edge. The fragmented layout also allows some transparency between the street and the landscape beyond.


Inside each of the buildings four social 3-bedroom dwellings occupy each floor. Living rooms and kitchens open to wide verandas at the main façades and bedrooms face the gardened courtyards. Two service courtyards inside each building ventilate and illuminate the bathrooms and allow cross ventilation for the dwellings through a small interior service terrace accessible from the kitchen.