Villanueva del Ro y Minas. Sevilla

High school

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Project Description


The plot is located in the south-eastern limit of the small town of Villanueva del Río y Minas. The main topographic feature of the site is the strong slope between its south-western and north-eastern edges.


The building tries to give a controlled border to the this area of the town, and at the same time create a new street to which it will appear as a blind white wall, drilled with landscaped patios. In contrast, to the south, facing the landscape, the building appears more fragmented, broken in several prismatic, bigger scale pieces.


The internal spaces are arranged along a central passageway, an inner street that ascends from the main entrance to the back sport recess yard. This passageway is lighted by a series of patios located in the north façade. A big atrium is the begging of the sequence and an open porch is the end.


A white cube, voluntarily over-dimensioned, wraps the atrium and gives the building a strong public scale, opposed to the fragmentary residential surroundings.