Villamartn, Cdiz

Scenic space

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Project Description


The required location for the theatre, at the north end of the Parque de la Feria, right at the contact of this park with the historical centre, led us to outline the building according to both its relation with the park and the centre. So its lobby extends towards the park by a means of a wide porch that also give shelter to the access from the street and the tickets sale area. The same thick horizontal plane covers both the porches and the stalls and protrudes from every side of the building, giving it the aspect of a pavilion, diluting its presence in the park and relating it to he architecture of concrete eaves that give shape to the nearby City Museum. The stage tower also contains dressing rooms and offices and, taking advantage of its location, solves the contact of the building with the party walls of adjoining plots. It also provides an alternative access to the complex from the higher street.