Hta. Sta. Isabel E. Crdoba

60 Social housing

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Project Description


One of the tasks of residential architecture is to create urban tissue, this one understood as a legible growing pattern for both urban spaces and blocks. As opposed to what happens to monuments and to “primary” pieces of the built city, a certain kind of repetition suits residential areas. That is why we tried to follow what seemed to be the urban planner’s main intention for this zone. This was arranged as a genuine “bar code” made of a series of neat prisms separated by gardens. Our proposal abstracts this general idea inside the limits of the plot. The north-south transparency in it is therefore coherent with the area’s general layout.


Volumetric simplicity does not mean to give up the variety of communal in-between spaces or the gradient in the inside-outside sequence that we have tried always to propose in our projects.


The envelope concept refers to “International Style” tradition, which we consider adequate to the overall urban “bar code” arrangement: horizontal continuous fenestration at the large façades and solid walls at the short ones