Conil de la Frontera

20 Social housing

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Project Description


The town of Conil still contains small community courtyards and streets (known as corrales in Spanish) where the boundaries between public and private blurr. Some of these interior streets have gates which are closed by night. Neighbors use them as an extension of their homes, even going so far as to furnish them.


Our proposal was based on re-interpreting these community spaces but, in our version, one stacked on top of another. The block is organized around these superimposed streets that are lit by courtyards on both sides, intensifying the deliberate ambiguity between public and private.


The access to the block takes place through a private garden, where this sequence of in-between shared spaces begins. This entry faces directly the staircase and the elevator which are reached after crossing one of the inner courtyards. There is another entry at the end of the ground floor corridor, which connects to the pedestrian street at one side of the block.