Parque Alcosa. Sevilla

158 Social housing

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Project Description


The perspective drawing of the area shows how a block with two different heights can respond to the contrasting scales of surrounding buildings. The head of the block is eleven stories high so as to offer a clear presence into the façade towards the highway, while the six-story tail of the complex copes with the size of linear blocks beside it. This linear part of the block is interrupted in front of Elda Street in order to create a transparency between this street and the old shopping mall that is preserved just behind the block. The design of in-between communal spaces in the ground floor has been especially careful: the parking and the main courtyards are landscaped with trees and several porches and proticoes are created to provide gradual transitions between public and private spaces. Façades take an abstract texture by using a single type of vertical opening repeated in a diffuse non-hierarchical layout.