Juan de Mata Carriazo. Sevilla

Housing for young people

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Project Description


A social housing scheme that includes commercial premises, offices and leisure spaces is like a small citadel. Consequently, our proposal uses urban design strategies for arranging the complex. Apartments are grouped into four communities, four detached blocks, each one of them around a central courtyard with open circulation corridors. The different blocks share a common square at the first floor of the complex. This square overlooks the avenue and links the ample porches that are carved on each block. Four meters above the streets, the square is intended to be the main communal space of the development for open-air interacting or for contemplating the urban scene. Commercial premises and offices are arranged along a continuous plinth on ground floor.


The 50 sq meters rental apartments are designed as loft spaces with movable partitions that can be changed with every new tenant. Prefab walls and bathroom movable units can be stored at the basement. Every block’s courtyard has a small crane on top to make removals easy through it.

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