University of Seville.

Faculty of Chemistry

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Project Description


The extension of the Faculty of Chemistry should be built without compromising the operation of the existing premises. This led to design a light detached structure, separated by courtyards from the existing building. It would house the new library and the Dean’s office and administration.


The library occupies the transparent semi-basement of the extension, surrounded by two landscaped courtyards. It is arranged in three strips that are set out parallel to the courtyards: one for the reading, other for the information glass booths and the other for the stacks. At the first floor the Dean’s office and the administration are located, “floating” over the transparent gardened library. A series of tiny courtyards take natural light to both the Dean’s corridor and the information booths underneath.


The entrance lobby is located at an intermediate level, enlarging the existing vestibule. The terrace roof is designed as a livable space. It is covered by artificial grass en furnished with the skilights, as an extension of the campus at other level.

Improbables máquinas en el jardín