Conil de la Frontera. Cdiz

30 social apartments

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Project Description


The town of Conil still contains small community courtyards and streets (known as corrales in Spanish) where the boundaries between public and private are blurred. Some of these interior streets have gates witch are closed at night. The neighbors use them as an extension of their homes, even going so far as to furnish them.


Our proposal was based on retrieving these community spaces but, in our version, one stacked on top of another. The block is organized around these superimposed streets lit by imbricated courtyards, intensifying the deliberate ambiguity between public and private.


The main entrance to the development is a gap on the short side of the plot. All the galleries overlook this point, while the nearby coniferous trees from a backdrop. The secondary entrance is situated on the opposite side of the plot. Booth entrances are associated with a stairwell.


The layout of the homes is based on a 9-metre square with a gap at once of the corners corresponding to the courtyard. The structural arrangement is articulated in such a way that no pillars interfere in the interior of the homes. This permits maximum flexibility for rearranging the layout. The structure we designed comprise concrete beam and pot floors and galvanized steel pillars. In order to achieve the minimum section for the pillars and be able to conceal a series of St Andrew’s crosses. These serve as efficient braces for the development, which is located in a seismic area. Meanwhile, underground cavity beneath the ground-floor gallery. As the bathrooms and kitchens are grouped into “towers” associated with the galleries, this reduces the length of the plan and means that only one down pipe per home is required.